It’s both a true-crime mystery and an elegy for the old West Village.
— New York Times
A total gut wrench.

The Death & Life Of Marsha P. Johnson (2017)

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"A poignant and accurate picture of Johnson’s gargantuan efforts to dissolve both individual and systematic homophobia, as well as to make the movement more inclusive of the trans community."

– Gay Essentials

"Weaves together past and present, not only telling the story we’ve come to see, but the larger one besides."

– Flavorwire

"France didn’t set out to make a by-the-books biopic, and that’s to his credit."

– Film Journal

"Suspenseful for the way it recollects the past through the prism of a murder mystery, brilliantly fusing an archival history with the elements of a detective story."

– IndieWire

"It should be one of the signature breakouts from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival."

– Variety

"Exploring the life of a figure whose contributions to the Stonewall riots, transgender rights and the AIDS epidemic were revolutionary."

– Huffington Post

"France continues to display his command for compiling archive, never-before-seen footage and contemporary first-person perspectives with supreme editorial acumen."


“The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson” is essential because it tells a trans person’s story through her own perspective — a strategy the rest of Hollywood should emulate."

– Women and Hollywood

"Reminds you of the key part that the transgender community played in the socio-political struggle for recognition. Essential viewing."

– Rolling Stone

"Beneath France’s shattering documentary are questions that never get less urgent. How do you remind young people that they’re standing on the shoulders of men and women who lived (and, in many cases, died) for rights they take for granted? And how do you get out the message that people are still dying and that historic injustices are still going unredressed?"

– David Edelstein, Vulture

"France’s gift for turning archival footage into sequences of choking rage is strongly in evidence, making this doc essential for anyone interested in learning how to make a loud-and-proud stink."

– Time Out New York

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